Dr. Morteza Bahraminejad


Qualifications: Doctor of Medicine from Tehran University, Honorary Professor from Shi Chahai University of Physical Education in Beijing, Strength & Conditioning Coach from Semmelweis University of Hungary under the supervision of the International Olympic Committee, Sports Management Degree under the supervision of the International Olympic Committee, Physical Education Degree from the Asian Football Confederation, Certificate on Periodization from Tudor Bompa Institute, lecturer at Islamic Azad University, Tae kwon Do 6th Dan black belt and member of the European College of Sports Medicine.

Coaching Records: Strength & Conditioning Coach of the national taekwondo, boxing, judo, fencing, freestyle wrestling, skating and football teams in 7 Olympic Games (2020, 2018, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000), 3 Asian Olympic Games, 2 Universiad Games, 1 indoor games, 1 Islamic countries games, 15 world championships, 17 Asian championships, coach of the first Iranian boxer in professional boxing in the world and more than 40 international tournaments, cooperation with the above teams in achieved more than 200 official medals, Coaching the Chinese national team in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and won a gold & a bronze medal. Strength & Conditioning coach of soccer teams at proleague for 15 years (Saipa, Saba Batari, Steel Azin and Shahin Bushehr). 

Organizational and Executive positions: 6 years deputy President of the National Olympic Academy, Director of Physical fitness assessment and improvement center of the National Olympic Academy, Head of the Sports Physiology Laboratory of the National Olympic Academy, Founder and president of the Iran Strength & Conditioning Association, Designer and instructor of the National Olympic Academy's advanced Strength & Conditioning course, Lecturer of the Solidarity Olympic courses (under the supervision of the National Olympic Committee), former head of the Taekwondo Association of the Ministry of Health, Former head of the Strength & Conditioning committee of the national Wrestling Federation, Head of the Scientific and Strength & Conditioning Association of the Tehran Municipal Sports Organization, Head of the Medical Center of Enghelab Sports Club, Head of the Medical Committee of the Taekwondo Federation , Consultant in setting up and establishing Tehran Gym, Palladium, Fit Gym, Unique, Mega Mall, Atiran and Olympizm clubs.  

Books and articles: Collaboration in the completion of more than 40 Doctoral theses in exercise physiology and master's degree, Author and translator of books on Principles of speed and endurance training, Principles of advanced programming, Principles of designing annual exercises, Principles of prescribing training programs, 1000 exercises with a medicine ball, 200 cases of electrocardiography, Comprehensive encyclopedia of sports supplements, Principles of warming up and cooling down, Maximum muscle, Principles of Personal Training, 200 body weight training programs, Plyometric anatomy, Comprehensive of rock climbing, Kettlebell exercises, Series of sports medicine lectures, Strength & Conditioning in football and Scientific and practical principles of strength training.

Inventions in the field of sport: IGYM, iGYM PRO, Miniigym, HomeGym, Measurement of reaction time to exhaust stages, Hand and foot bicycle, Balance exercise device to strengthen ankle muscles and proprioception.